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Performing/Creative Arts Education Philosophy

Education at The Complex is dedicated to exploration of the arts and sharing the highest level of education with the community.  We focus our education on technical training and performance while also giving our students a strong sense of self awareness and creative opportunities to ensure their successes moving forward.  Our mission is to foster and aid in cultivating each student's individual artist in a non-competitive, progressive and supportive atmosphere.  Students receive intensive professional training in their chosen art form and study inside of programs that encourage a mastery of technical skill, creative exploration, performance, and historical/theoretical knowledge.


The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre is a conservatory learning environment; we proudly focus our energies on technical proficiency, creativity, performance, choreography and arts activism. The Complex offers Four Schools of Education: Ballet and Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Theatre/Music, and Visual Arts. Dance classes are offered at intensive and recreation levels.  Students are offered the highest levels of technical training and creative exploration. Theatre Students have opportunities to perform pre-produced and original work, while mastering the skills needed to advance in the theatrical realm as well as enhance students' confidence, self-awareness, communication skills, and physical awareness.  Music Programs are open to ages 5 to adult, giving students theory, performance, ensemble work, and composition. Creative/Visual Art classes enhance creative process and offer students a forum for exploring their creative voice and furthering technical accuracy.  These classes take students further into their searches as artists and learners.