The Complex Art Department

The Visual and Creative Art Department at The Complex is dedicated to igniting the unique
creative voice of each student.  

The classes are an ongoing exploration and investigation of art mediums.  

Students focus on developing their creative process, critical thinking, self-actualization,
and technical skills through many art mediums, collaborations, and projects.


Exploring the Visual Arts age 13-19

An intense exploration of all mediums of the visual and creative arts, including, painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, graphic design, collaborative arts, photography, and installation.  This class is designed to, not only, enhance students' technical skill levels, but to richly develop their creative process, confidence, collaborative skills, critical thinking, and artistic voice.  

Saturdays 11:00-12:00 September 16-June 16
$60 per month

Exploring the Visual Arts age 9 to 13

In this class, students will examine various mediums, theories, and styles of the visual arts.  Students will learn to refine skills and cultivate ideas.  This class allows the inner artist to burst through, while enhancing technical accuracy and creative process.  Students will explore individual and collaborative projects to elevate their unique voice and artistic style.

Saturdays 9:00-10:00  September 16-June 16
$60 per month.

Exploring the Visual Arts age 5 to 9

Get your CREATIVE on!!  In this class students are introduced to various mediums, techniques, and styles of the creative/visual arts.  Students will explore and get creative with paint, drawing, sculpture, writing, 3-Dimensional art, collaborative projects, and more!  Such a fun class where young artists are encouraged to be the artist that is flourishing inside them!  Individual creative voices are honored and nourished.

Saturdays 10:00-10:45 September 16-June 16
$58 per month.