The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre

A Community of Creative Thinkers and Innovative Artists

The Place to BE for Arts Education in Connecticut ~


Experience The Complex and experience an arts education program that can be compared to no other. Students grow and evolve as confident and strong critical and creative thinkers; they learn to develop their unique voices in a learning environment that teaches work ethic, humility, risk-taking, advocacy, and collaboration.

The Complex is more than a dance class or a stage production, although those elements are approached with professionalism, quality, high standards and expectancy, and exceptional training. The Complex is a progressive space for life learning, developing self and finding one's true meaning in this world.


The Complex is a home for its students, whether they be 3 years old and just starting out, or 18 and heading off to their next chapter, or 25 and back to share their experiences as volunteers, staff, faculty or guest artists. Experience The Complex and experience a learning environment that allows your child to flourish and grow and evolve into beautiful, unique, confident humans.


 The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre was Established in 2005 by Nichola Johnson and in 2011, Julie Watt joined as Co-Director.  Nichola Johnson and Julie Watt bring a life-time love of the arts to The Complex Community.  Johnson and Watt both hold Masters of Fine Arts Degrees in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College and are high school educators / college professors in their respective arts field.  

The mission of The Complex is to offer the highest level of arts education to the community, create an innovative hub for performance and education, open a space for students to grow and flourish through creative critical thinking and ignite a life-time love of the arts for all students.  The Complex is not only a place of excellence in technical arts education, it is a place where students evolve year after year; they learn the importance of collaboration, strong work-ethic, dedication and persistence, self-actualization, self-discipline, creative problem solving, and critical thought.   


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The Complex --- located at 135 Main Street in beautiful Downtown Putnam CT in a newly remodeled 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility.  The historic Cargil Bank Building houses three dance studios,  private music education rooms, theatre classroom/studio, student lounges, art studio, parent waiting area, dance wear retail store and The STAGE Performance Venue


• Classes for children, teens, and adults 

• Dance, theatre, music, and visual/creative arts education

• Youth Ballet Company, Teen Modern Dance Company, Professional Dance Company and a Student Theatre Company.

• Our faculty of highly trained and experienced artists/educators bring a world of knowledge and opportunities that are unique to only The Complex


• Students gain a mastery of technical training, while building self-confidence and awareness and learning their creative voice.  

• Students can choose to focus on one or many art genres and are encouraged to explore and experience all that interests them.

• Classes are available to ages 2.5 to adult and programs of study are available to allow students a comprehensive education in the arts.