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Alex's Classroom

Hey Students! Since I began playing guitar, I've often found that the internet can one of  my best teachers IF I think critically.
Below I've included a few youtube videos by content creators I've found to be fairly clear in their teaching approach.
Try learning a new song! I've also included a list of guitarists and pianists (or piano composers) organized by genre.
Try listening to something new, sometimes the best way to build your musicianship is just by listening! 

For Guitarists

Guitar Listening:

Blues/Classic Rock
-Eric Clapton
-Jeff Beck
-Jimi Hendrix

Rock/Heavy Metal
-Randy Rhoads (from Black Sabbath)
-Steve Vai
-John Petrucci

-Tommy Emmanuel
-Leo Kottke
-Julian Lage

-Wes Montgomery
-Julian Lage
-Joe Pass
-Snarky Puppy (name of a band)

For Pianists (age 6 - 10)

For Pianists age 11 +

I encourage students in this age group to look up simple videos on chord/music theory

Piano Listening:

-Frederic Chopin 
-Johann Sebastian Bach
-Franz Liszt 

-Snarky Puppy
-Bill Evans
-George Gershwin

-Rick Wakeman (of the band, "Yes")
-Tori Amos

-Alicia Keys
-Regina Spektor
-Stevie Wonder (He's really more Jazz, but everyone should listen to him)