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Information for CREATIVE LEARNING LAB families:

We are excited to welcome you to the Creative Learning Lab this year and look forward to our first day together (September 8).  We have extended the Lab hours to accommodate students needing to log-on to zoom classes prior to 10am.  Drop-off will now begin at 8am.  You may drop off your child between the hours of 8:00 and 9:30 am (everyone should still be ready to go at 10am.  We will have our morning cohort meetings at 10am).   

If your child is a student enrolled in arts classes at The Complex, they may remain at The Complex after the Lab hours are over (2pm) until their arts classes begin.  

Below is a checklist of items all learners should bring with them each day, as well as a list of what we will provide you with.  If you will need something that you don't see on either list, please don't hesitate to bring it with you!

Lab Members should bring:
• Bag with lots of compartments (to stay organized) that will serve as their "locker"
• Chromebook / ipad / laptop - device to complete remote or homeschool work and power source• earbuds for zoom lessons, etc
• Appropriate notebooks for each subject they will engage with
• Pens / Pencils - writing utensils of choice
• Highlighters
• Crayons / Markers (we have these, but due to COVID it might be beneficial to have your own in your bag as our supply will be limited)
• Personal size hand sanitizer
• Mask / Face Covering
• Books for personal reading / journals
• Planner
• Water Bottle (no sugary or colored drinks please), snacks and lunch
• a positive outlook for a new year!

Learning Lab will provide:
• A safe personal space for learners to call their own every day
• Available isolated "quiet rooms" for learners needing to have online meetings / classes / conferences 
• Learning Advisors that will monitor, motivate, and inspire learning, organization, goal setting, sharing, work completion, critical thinking, creativity, and confidence
• Hand Sanitizing Stations in every room
• Outside escape time!
• Wifi
• Power cords, Power strips
• Arts Workshops
• Creative Activities
• Collaborative Projects
• A quiet, engaged, and inspiring learning environment


• Masks should be worn upon entry to The Complex.  We ask that Lab members wear their masks while moving about the space, collaborating with others, or if closer than 6 feet.  Learners may remove masks while they are independently working in their personal space, if they choose.  

• We ask that parents drop Lab members off and pick up outside

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that may arise.  We are very much looking forward to working with your children!