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COVID - 19 Protocols and Guidelines

Updated 11/21/2020 to reflect new regulations effective 11/23/2020

Overall Plan for Students:

•Our mission at The Complex will always be to create a safe space for students to learn, work, and grow. Our plan for re-opening will continue that mission; putting the safety of our student’s social, physical, and emotional health at the utmost of importance. We have worked to create a plan that allows for students to still feel creative, collaborative, and inspired while making sure they are safe. We have decreased our capacity by 75% to ensure that students can be physically distant, yet socially engaged.  We do not want the space, or the students' time in it, to feel like a science experiment or to be uncomfortable, therefore we have set things up so that students can spread out at a safe distance from others, but not feel confined or isolated. We will follow all of the CDC and State of CT guidelines that are available to us and we will create an environment that is sustainable, fun and engaging. We are looking at this time as a chance to re-think how we learn and connect and we are so very excited to see all of our beautiful students again soon and, above all, we want them to HAVE FUN, LET THE CREATIVITY POUR OUT OF THEM, and GROW!!

Specific Protocols:

Masks: All students, parents, and staff must wear a mask upon entry into The Complex. Mask breaks will be given at the discretion of the teacher or physical exertion will be lessened.  

•Class Capacity: All students will maintain, AT LEAST, a six-foot distance from each other in classes. We will utilize multiple rooms for each class to ensure this. Effective November 23, 2020 the State of CT has mandated that dance studios operate at 25 % capacity or less.  We are adhering to that mandate.  

•Cleaning and Disinfectant: The Complex will be thoroughly cleaned daily prior to the start of classes and will be sanitized in between classes. We have created time in between classes for proper disinfection of floors, surfaces, and air.

•The Complex will outline the specific plan of action, should a person become infected with COVID-19, prior to the start of our programs.

•Lobby: Parents will not be permitted to sit in the lobby during class time until further notice. We suggest that all children over the age of 6 be dropped at the door and picked up at the door at dismissal time. Parents of children under 6 may walk them into The Complex and wait with them until class starts and then come back to pick them up at dismissal. We will be utilizing our lobby space for student's "personal space" and therefor must limit the number of extra people in the space. Putnam has installed new picnic tables right next to us in the church lawn and across the street. There is also outside dining on Main Street now! (if your child needs you present during their class, please contact the director)

•Arrival / Dismissal: Please drop off students no more than 5 minutes prior to their first class and please pick up students at the dismissal of class in the pickup line outside. Parents may wait in their cars on Main street in front of The Complex or may walk to pick up. We will bring children outside.

•Belongings: We ask that students bring the bare minimum to class. Water bottle, shoes, notebook should suffice. Specific places will available for students’ belongings. We ask that students be dressed and ready for class upon arrival.

•Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer can be found at our entrance and in each studio. We ask that everyone utilize the sanitizer upon entrance to The Complex and to each studio

•General Conduct: If we all do our part, we will all aid in the safety of each other. We ask that students practice safe physical distancing at The Complex. We ask that students and parents do not gather in groups while waiting for class, but instead wait at their “personal space”. Air hugs, Air High-Fives are the way to go!!

•Open-Air Learning: We will utilize outside space, weather and project permitting.

•Virtual Learning: All of our in-person classes will also offer a virtual learning option. Students can tune-in to the class at the studio from home! This can be utilized weekly as a method of learning or can be utilized during illness or vacation.

•Private Music Lessons: Voice lessons will be held virtually, Rick O’Neal’s lessons will be held virtually, and all other lessons will be held in person unless requested by student to be held virtually

•2020 Education Season:  September – December 2020

  • September 8 - The Creative Learning Lab Begins
  • September 14 – Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts) Classes Begin
  • October 12 - Columbus Day – No Classes or Creative Learning Lab Scheduled
  • November 25 – 29 – Thanksgiving Break – No Classes or Creative Learning Lab Scheduled
  • December 18 – Creative Learning Lab Semester One Ends
  • December 22 – January 4 – Holiday Break No Classes Scheduled