The Creative Learning Lab

The Creative Learning Lab is a safe and inspiring space for remote or homeschool learners.  The CLL was established to allow its members a place for personal development and collaborative inspiration. 


The CREATIVE LEARNING LAB is NOT a Day Care or a School - it is a safe space for children and teens to collaborate, motivate, and accelerate!  Learners will utilize their own chosen homeschool or sending town curriculum and our staff of Learning Advisors will help to keep children and young adults organized, energized, and ahead of their goals.  Students will engage independently with their own assignments and projects, as well as, collaboratively through creative project based learning experiences.

The mission of the Creative Learning Lab is to offer a collaborative learning space in a safe environment, where students can become independent learners, creative thinkers, and astute observers

The Creative Learning Lab - Putnam CT

Monday / Tuesday Cohort is FULL

Thursday / Friday Cohort will begin September 24 - December 18 
 Tuition :  $1200.00 for 12 week semester
1 payment of $1140.00 (5% discount) or 3 payments of $400.00
($840 for Thursday/Friday Cohort if already enrolled in Monday/Tuesday Cohort)

We will:
• Staff members will assist Lab members with their chosen academic curriculum, whether it be sending town allocated or a home-school / online curriculum. 

• Staff will help students set daily and long-term goals, un-pack assignments, find resources, create organization systems, lead     creative / collaborative workshops, and monitor overall social-emotional well-being and growth.  

• Offer feed-back and motivation

• We will create and maintain a safe learning environment, ensuring students' safety above all else.

• We will establish a "personal space" for each learner.

• We will  work in small cohorts of roughly 6 students and a leader (families/friends may bubble and develop own cohort).

• We will offer a different arts-based workshop each week (Ex: music technology, song-writing, still-life drawing, fashion design).

We will not:
• Assess assignments or report grades

• Provide lunch

• Jeopardize the health of our members - learners and staff.

• Administer medication


Drop off : 8:00 - 9:00am  / Pick-up 2:00 - 2:30pm
(unless participating in The Complex Afternoon/Evening Arts classes)

All Lab Members should be ready to go by 9:00 am and ready for our Morning Meetings
Students enrolled in after-school arts classes at The Complex may stay through until their class time


• This is ONE example of what a day COULD look like.  Members may engage with a schedule that is more beneficial for their learning styles and needs.  If Lab members have a planned schedule of zoom meetings, they will follow that schedule.  We will assess daily schedules on a personal basis.

8:00-9:00am SETTLE IN - Arrive and settle in / organize at personal space / Log-on to any zoom classes
9:00-9:15 GET ORGANIZED - Cohort Meeting - discuss personal plans for the day and strategies for achieving goals
9:15-9:30 FOCUS - Personal Reflection and Intentions
9:30 -10:00  INDEPENDENT LEARNING TIME - students engage with individual work with staff monitoring and mentoring
10:00-10:15 SNACK
10:15 - 10:30 REJUVENATE - Morning Activity Center
10:30 - 11:30 INDEPENDENT LEARNING TIME - - students engage with individual work with staff monitoring and mentoring
11:30 BREAK TIME! - Yoga / Walk in the Park / Drum Circle / Creative Writing / Etc....!
11:45 Lunch
12:05 AFTERNOON CHECKIN - Cohorts meet with staff leader to update progress made toward achieving daily goals
12:15-12:45 INDEPENDENT LEARNING TIME - Learners engage with individual work with staff monitoring and mentoring
12:45 -1:15 ARTS WORKSHOP
1:15-1:30 BREAK TIME!
1:30-2:00 CHECK-IN / CATCH-UP / CLEAN-UP - Learners share progress towards daily goal with staff and cohort, finish up and loose strings for the day, and organize belongings.

Making, presenting, and exploring brings life to learning.  It is our goal to build a community of enthusiastic learners.  We will support, encourage, inspire, and mentor all Creative Lab members through their learning journey.

•Students enrolled in the Creative Learning Lab will receive 25% off of
The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre's Arts Education Group Class Tuition -
DANCE, THEATRE, ACTING, and VISUAL ARTS CLASSES.  (excludes private music lessons)