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Dance Classes for Children and Teens

Preballet Intro Class

The Complex Tiny Tots and Little Learners Program is for our youngest students, age 1.5 - 5.  Classes at this age level foster kinesthetic awareness and help to develop gross motor skills, creativity, coordination, and rhythm.  Our Creative Movement Classes are fun, energetic, engaging, and the perfect creative and physical outlet for little ones, Moovin' and Groovin' class allows our tiniest friends to explore music and movement with a caregiver, and our movement exploration class opens up the imagination through creative play, story development, and investigating movement of the body and our connection to emotions and self .  Watch them Soar!


YOUTH ages 6-8

Comprehensive curriculum designed to ensure the proper development of young bodies.  Professional Faculty.   Enhance Coordination, Creativity, Teamwork,  Task-Mastering, Confidence, and Learning Skills.  Explore Rhythms, Movement Concepts and Elementary Classical Ballet Concepts.

Supportive and nurturing environment that fosters a love of learning, creativity and movement in little ones.

JUNIORS ages 9-11

 Professional Faculty. Intensive Training.  Supportive Environment.  Progressive Curriculum.    Performance Opportunities.  Ballet Company.  Collaboration.  Choreography.  Students at this age begin to make the connections between theoretical teaching personal creative development.  Students develop a  strong technical foundation and a confident creative voice.  

TEENS / SENIORS ages 12-19

Programs designed for the older learner, whether advanced or beginner.  College Preparation.  Intensive levels of technical training.  MANY Performance Opportunities.  Ballet and Modern Dance Companies.  Collaborative work with other disciplines.  Choreography and Composition Training and Creative Making.  Students have many opportunities to richly develop their technical and creative movement practice.  

Interdisciplinary Art

Students engage in creative work that enlivens their creative and critical thinking.  

The Complex nurtures students through engaging work, rich performances, mindful discussion, and through a high level of expectancy in all we do and strive to do here at The Complex.

The technical proficiency of our students is not measured by a trophy or medal, but by their ability to create, engage, inspire, evolve, and collaborate, adapt, share, and master technique/choreography/creative process in a proper way that ensures healthy development of young bodies and minds. 

Special 4-Week Hip Hop Class for KIDS!

So, this is going to be a BLAST! 
 9 spots available....Join Complex Alumni, Anna Fagan in this high energy and totally FUN class!!

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