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The Complex Performing and Creative Arts Centre

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JUNIORS ages 9-11 (Level II)

• Contemporary Styles I / II (jazz, modern, hip hop, contemporary) Mondays 3:45-4:45

• Ballet II Tuesday 4:00-5:00 (FULL - Class Closed)

• Contemporary Dance Styles II  (jazz, modern, hip hop, contemporary) Tuesday 5:05-6:05 (FULL - Class Closed)

• Junior Acting / Musical Theatre Tuesday 6:10-7:10

• Ballet I / II Wednesday 4:00-5:00

• Tap II Thursday 4:00-5:00

• Junior Creative / Visual Art Thursday 5:05-6:05

• Junior Playwriting / Making Thursday 6:10-7:10

DANCE - Careful attention is paid to young, developing bodies at this level.  Authentic movement techniques are richly explored allowing students the space to build mastery of technique.  Dancers will be exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that affords them the most beneficial tools for advancement.  Classes will also focus on movement development, performance skills, coordination, and choreography.

THEATRE For the emerging actor in all of us. These classes begins to introduce the youth to the philosophies of the stage. Channel creative energies through weekly experiences that help build self-awareness and confidence. Imaginations run wild and children benefit from the structured learning environment that puts their creative thoughts first! Students will study acting/improvisation concepts and music theories. Students will also have much stage time and learn the ins and outs of performing!

VISUAL / CREATIVE ARTS At this level, students will examine various mediums, theories, and styles of the visual arts. Students will learn to refine skills and cultivate ideas. This class allows the inner artist to burst through, while enhancing technical accuracy and creative process. Students will explore individual and collaborative projects to elevate their unique voice and artistic style.  Creative Writing will be introduced and explored.

Tuition is based on a 10 month program and will be pro-rated for students entering late in the season, if space allows.
Families may choose to pay tuition in five bi-monthly payments per year (preferred) or ten monthly payments.  

Length of Class Per Week
45 minutes
1 Hour
1.5 Hours
2 Hours
2.5 Hours
3 Hours
3.5 Hours
4 Hours
4 + Hours

Full 10 - Month Tuition

Monthly / Bi-Monthly Payments
$60 / $120
$65 / $130
$80 / $160
$110 / $220
$135 / $270
$150 / $300
$175 / $350
$200 / $400
$220 / $440

Family Discounts Available.