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Kelly's Classroom

“Hard times require furious dancing.”- Alice Walker

Friends! I miss creating with you in the studio. 

Continue to move your bodies, create and journal.

I challenge you to get moving- and please STRETCH!!!

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Choreography prompt: 

Create a phrase in a small or constrained space (closet, car, hallway etc.) 

Let the space, it's function and it's physical feelings about the space influence your movement.

I found the Frank Hatchett clip! 

Watch please, - it's so good!


Just incase you forgot:

This TED talk has a few tools you can think about when 

you are creating, and a little bit of dancer scatting. ;)

This is a clip of The Alvin Ailey Dance Company dancing 

in the streets of Paris along with French dancers. 

Get inspired and get your family dancing!