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Larissa's Classroom

Hey guys!

I am super sad that I don't get to see your beautiful faces for a few weeks.  

Dance is all around us and can be used in any situation.  I have a couple of tasks for everyone to keep you all moving!

1. Try putting on some music while you're doing those boring chores (yes I find them boring too).  Music and a little bit of dance goes a long way!

2. Watch the videos and find 3 things that you love about each of them.

3. Most importantly, stay safe and healthy out there!

I can't wait to be back in class as soon as possible!

Jazz/Tap 2

Find a video of a song that you love that shows off some dancing! 
Bring it with you the next time we meet to share with the class! 

Here are some videos that I though were pretty cool!

Teen Tap

How is dance used in various performance outlets? Music videos, bands, sports etc..
Find an example of how dance is used in other avenues and bring it back ready to share with the class. 
I can't wait to see what everyone finds!