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Morgan's Classroom

Hi All!

I hope you all stay safe in this time of social distancing,
and hope we get back to business as usual soon.

Until then though, here are some resources you can use
to help you learn at home!

Advanced Guitar Students:

Warm-up Exercises:

Take these slow, and make sure your playing is controlled



A more technical video with some good insight on improving rhythm.


Learning by Ear:

Just really good insight on how most people learn by ear. 

This goes for using tabs as well - you will (most likely) 

need to learn the rhythms by ear.

Advanced Piano Students:


The Hanon Exercises:

An essential resource for warming up -
make sure to use a metronome with these.

A List of (most) Major and Minor Scales with Fingerings:

Practice these with a metronome as well -
start slow and make sure the fingerings are correct.

Beginner Guitar and Piano Students:

Staff Wars App:

A great app that can be used to learn notes.
You can find it on both the iOS and Android stores.
To change the range, tap in the bottom right where it says “Range Original.”

Piano Adventure App:

Using this app you can listen to all the songs from the
Piano Adventures books, change the speed, and add
or remove a metronome and accompaniment.