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Rick's Classroom

Welcome to the virtual side of The Complex. I am one of many teaching artists that is here for one purpose, to help YOU learn, experience, grow and connect to the arts. Come into my  Classroom and we will explore the most abstract yet very important art of all, music. 

The great thing is, whether you are a beginner or advanced in music, there is always something around the next corner, something new to learn. I specialize in Guitar. Piano. Bass guitar or ukulele. Let’s get started (or continue) our journey. 


For Guitarists:

"Every Breath You Take" a VIDEO Lesson if you want to learn the whole song:

Here is a tab version of "Wish You Were Here" intro.  Use the chord charts as reference

Here is a new song called, Surf

Here is the backing track  for Surf
to play along with it.

For Pianists: