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The Complex Theatre Department

Intensive and comprehensive study of technique, performance, history, design, and making.  

 Theatre Class Schedules----Three sessions, Three months each:

Session 1: September, October, November…..Performance, The Complex STAGE November

Session 2: December, January, February, March….Performance, The BRADLEY March

Session 3: March, April, May…Performance, The Complex STAGE May

The Complex Performing Arts Centre's TARZAN

Ultimate Music and Theatre Experience

Ages 12 to 19.  
Wednesdays 5:30-8:00 and Saturdays 12:00-3:30

Students explore and discover acting methods/theories, music theory, ensemble singing, character development, stage direction, theatre history, scene study, improvisation, public speaking, monologue study, character analysis, playwriting, set design, prop building, and stage theories in a highly progressive, supportive, and creative learning environment.  This program is broken into multiple sessions per year and each session culminates with a different type of performance, giving students a wide array of stage time and understanding of many styles and ways of performance….a wonderful class for the budding and passionate actor to enhance and refine their inner creative self, acting techniques, and readiness for college/professional work.  A great experience that will benefit many aspects of youth and adolescent development.  Students in this program perform under the company name, The Complex Junior Players.  Each session focuses on a different area of theatre and musical performance development.  While session, can be taken independent of each other, it is most beneficial to the students and the progression of the program if students commit to all sessions in the respective program.

Youth Music and Theatre Program

Ages 9 to 12.  
Saturdays 11:00-12:30

For the emerging actor in all of us.  This class begins to introduce the youth to the philosophies of the stage.  Channel creative energies through weekly experiences that help build self-awareness and confidence.  Imaginations run wild and children benefit from the structured learning environment that puts their creative thoughts first!  Students will study acting/improvisation concepts and music theories.  Students will also have much stage time and learn the ins and outs of performing!   While session, can be taken independent of each other, it is most beneficial to the students and the progression of the program if students commit to all three sessions.

Mini Music and Theatre Program

Ages 5 to 9.  
Saturdays 11:00-12:00

Sing, Dance, Act, SHINE!  Learn all about the stage in this program for our littles performers!  The mini program exposes students to many aspects of the theatrical performing arts and is a wonderful experience and outlet for all children.  Self-confidence, discipline, teamwork, and creativity are all developed as students explore the wonders of the STAGE!!

The Players Company

Teen Theatre Company

An intimate and intense theatre company for teens by invitation only and to be considered, students must be enrolled in the Pre-professional theatre program. This company allows the passionate student the opportunity and outlet to study new, classic, and original works at an intensive and intimate level.  This small and selective group of students will be chosen each year based off their work within The Ultimate Music and Theatre Experience and various additional classes in dance and art that are taken to enhance their process.  This is a free company and designed to ensure our youth receive the proper tools to be successful in their continued academic and professional careers.